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The aims of La Actual are to convey to our consumer the best taste, smell, texture and freshness of our products, whilst respecting the environment.

We know that quality starts in the field, selecting the best fruits, demanding the highest standards and qualities for La Actual brand.

“All oranges can’t be La Actual,
only the best” by

Luis Fornés Seguí 1960

The company works within high quality criteria that every lot has to meet. It matters that during the entire production process the quality of the fruit is not affected by it, and the process is continually studying and improving. We demand and expect to have to get, at all times, the highest food safety in our products.

The company continually tries to find new ways to shorten the time between the field and the final consumer, so that our fruit comes with the highest qualities and characteristics: Specially, taste, smell, texture and freshness.







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